Unconventional Ministry
by on March 24, 2015 4:07 PM in Events News

We’re fans of unconventional ministry.

I think Jesus is too.

He was always rubbing the religious people of His day in the wrong way… well it was the right way, but the religious folks felt wronged, or like He was wrong… well I think you know what Im talking about! Anyway, Jesus did lots of unconventional things in order to reach His lost sheep. I think He was just so crazy in love with His people that He was willing to do anything to get their attention and show them His Love for them. Michael STILL does crazy things to convey his love for me and it TOTALLY works! Sometimes crazy works!!!

MMB St Patricks Day
So recently, we have been part of some really super outreaches and we just wanna testify! On March 17th (St. Patricks Day), we were able to get a gig in a pub downtown Milford, MI and we let loose with some SWEET Irish reels, American classics and some Gospel-preaching-revival songs!!! I honestly could not believe Michael belted out Lion of Judah (by Robin Mark) TWICE in our three hour set!!! That song is piercing – full of scripture and conviction (and also beautiful violin trills, and Irish melodies) so I think the whole band had butterflies when we played it both times, and some of us were a little surprised when we weren’t asked to leave or change our tune! It was an awesome night of playing the ballads of heaven! It was a packed-out bar full of people had come for a beer and as a bonus, received a taste of Heavens wine!!!

Princess Tea Fundraiser

Saturday, March 21st was another majorly unconventional ministry event – especially for our fellas! A bunch of us took part in dressing up as Disney movie characters and we sang songs, acted in skits, danced with kids and took LOTS of pictures!!! It was a “Princess Tea” fundraiser that Brittney co-planned to raise money for four families at her church who are in the process of adopting six kids -bringing them out of really horrific situations and into safe, loving homes! It was a BLAST!!! I especially LOVED loving on each little princess who came to that tea party – we danced, hugged, smiled, laughed… it was SUCH a special day!!!

Hash Bash 2015

And coming up is another super unconventional outreach event!!! On Saturday, April 4th (the day before Easter and also my wonderful Dads birthday!), we will be heading down with Floodgate Renewal Fellowship (the church Michael & I are on staff at), and going to Hash Bash to pass out brownies, water bottles and share the love of Jesus! Last year when Michael went, all our friends who came along made a huge drum circle, started playing Heaven music & our pastor preached the Gospel! As a result there were lots of prayers prayed and HashBash started following us on Twitter! No joke!!!

One night as Michael and I were driving home from who knows where, the sun was setting and we began talking about all the smells that remind us of Jesus… for some reason the first smells that I listed off were all terrible! The smell of garbage dumps, pot smoke, car exhaust, the smell of beer and hot concrete… Whenever I smell those smells, as unpleasant as they may be, my mind whirls all over the map to places where I have stepped out into the unknown, out of my comfort zone and into the lives of real people who need the Love of Jesus. It is obeying His voice that makes my life so much fun & packed with adventure!

We would love to hear your testimonies about how you have stepped out of your “safe zone” and into the life of another person to show them the Love of Jesus! Email us at contact@michaelmaherband.com or find us on Facebook!





Peace of Jesus,


Michael Maher Band

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