Michael Maher Band – Testimonials

Tim's Testimony

As you know I am a combat veteran from Desert Storm, and that I struggle with PTSD which is post traumatic stress disorder. Recently I admitted myself into the VA hospital here in North Carolina, where I stayed for a few days receiving treatment for my PTSD symptoms. On about the third day of my stay I was feeling particularly downcast, and hopeless. I prayed to God to relieve me from my struggle or allow me to release myself from this mortal coil, because I am tired of the living hell of my symptoms. As I paced back and forth down the hallway he answered my prayer by blasting your hallelu-yah song in my head repeatedly next thing I know my whole demeanor had changed and two days later I was released from the hospital and sent home. I still receive treatment but I'm happier and more hopeful, keep up the father's work because you never know who you will affect or when. Love you my brother.

Jean Testimony

Wow!!! Thank you my brother, thank you Jesus!!! I love it!! I played the song you did on the bus naming all the people in the Bible for my friend Bonnie who couldn't come. She was very touched by it too.Your music is the purest worship I have ever heard. It was a privilege serving with you in Haiti. Blessings to you my brother. Jean

Matt Testimony

Hey there, Just a quick story for you. My Uncle who I have NEVER seen in a church before came to the March 1 concert to humor us, after the concert he was blown away that church people weren't all boring, loved the music. The next week he showed up Sunday morning, hasn't missed a week yet, gave his life to Jesus and got baptized last Sunday! Bro, you have been given an awesome gift from God, use it to the fullest. Thanks again, Matt

Thomas Testimony

Hi I'm Thomas and I'm a cancer survivor. A friend gave me your cd Melodies of War, when I was in the hospital, and all I would do is play your cd it gave me hope. I changed the words in Nehemiah's Prayer for God to rebuild my broken body from broken walls, and at the end of the song you sing the walls have been rebuilt and I sang that I was cancer free and rebuilt, and I felt the Lord was giving me a promise. That was in 2009 and today I'm cancer free Praise the Lord, Thank You Jesus I Thank God For using You,and Your Music, I Pray God Will Open the Windows Of Heaven For You. Y.B.I.C. Thomas ps. Will you be making any more cds?

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