Metro Detroit’s Michael Maher Band, formed in 2009, has opened for Major Christian Artists such as Britt Nichole, Mark Schultz, Building 429, MikesChair, Kari Jobe and Rick Pino among others. In 2010, the Michael Maher Band was Michigan’s Big Ticket Festival Indie Stage Battle of the Band’s Winner and they returned two additional years to the Big Ticket Festival to play on the Worship Stage. The Michael Maher Band has played at dozens of youth groups, worship gatherings, camps, festivals and even topped attendance records for local music in the park concerts. The band has their home in Metro Detroit and is believing for a reviving of Motown, this time for the glory of The Lord. They have released two albums on iTunes, “Melodies of War” (2010) and “Hallelu Yah: An Exclamation of Praise” (2014). The title track of “Hallelu Yah” was named #1 Song of the Year in 2014 on 103.5 WMUZ Detroit’s listener generated year-end countdown and the band recently won the 2015 Talent Search at the Unity Festival in Muskegon, MI. The band loves making melody to the Lord and is super pumped to announce that their third album will be released Spring 2016! ThankYou Jesus!!!

Meet The Members of the Michael Maher Band

Michael Maher


Lead Singer & Songwriter, Acoustic Guitar

I heard a song by Cory Asbury with a line that says “I was born inside a rainbow, I was raised in mercy and grace”. Those lyrics sum up a great deal of my life. After graduating from high school in 2007, I attended Masters Commission in 2008. I wrote a couple of songs in middle school/high school, but the songs really started flowing at James River Masters Commission (now JR Leadership College). The songs have been really flowing ever since. I’m truly thankful to God for Himself, what He has done and what He does, and I love His Word. I just Love Him. I really love my wife Melody Ann. We have big dreams to re-introduce people and nations to the real Jesus.

Devon Maher

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My name is Devon Maher, I Love Jesus with all my heart!! My goal in life is to give glory to God in all that I do so that when He uses me to do great things they know it’s not me but Him working through me! I also Love people and dislike clicks and stereotyping – basically there should be two groups to categorize people in and that is the Loved and the Lovers…amen. I love basketball, volleyball and weight lifting (please don’t skip leg day)! Life is amazing, God has a plan and I’m excited for tomorrow!! #ILOVEMYFAMILY

Ryan Maher

ryan maher, michael maher band, christian, rock, music

Bass Guitar & Vocals

I’ll tell you a little bit about myself. In school during the timed writing tests, I took the whole time thinking of the title for the paper and never got to any of the paragraphs… so here’s the best I have for you: my name is Ryan Maher. I’m a thinker who likes to play by all the rules and not take any risks. But I’m going to give it all up for God, take some crazy risks and break all the rules for Him. I am going to have a gorgeous wife someday and I can beat anyone and his mom at Foosball.

Dalton Sitzler



Hey Ya’ll! I’ve been playing the drums for 11 years both at my church and at small shows around my hometown of Hartland. I’m currently studying at The Detroit Institute of Music Education in pursuit of my bachelors degree in Music Performance for drums. Being the youngest and newest band member, I love hanging out with the guys and learning from them musically, personally and spiritually. Besides playing drums, I love coffee, traveling, baseball and hunting and I am currently sponsored by the company “Red Six Drums”.

Brittney Ray

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Since I was little, two of the most instrumental elements in my life have been Jesus & Music. From singing “Jesus loves me” at the top of my lungs in the “garage concert” my parents set up for us when we were little, to recording in a professional studio with my Jesus lovin’ brothers – we have shared the passion and desire to do Kingdom together, to glorify HIS Name, and for people to fall in love with Jesus and experience FREEDOM in His Love! My name is Brittney Rose Ray and I love the Lord with ALL my heart! I’m married to the most incredible man in the whole universe (sorry ladies, beat ya’ to him), and I am a vocalist in the Michael Maher Band. My favorite color is teal, my favorite Bible verse changes just about every day (it’s all too good), and same goes for my favorite movie, song, food, and book. I am pursuing my bachelors in science (early childhood education), I love love love baking and cooking and creating. All Glory, Honor, & Praise to YOU JESUS!

Rob Watzke

Michael Mayer Band Living Water A Sound System (1 of 1)-44 (Medium)

Electric Guitar

I was a jazz performance major (guitar) in college and I taught guitar at a local music store to pay for college. After college, I joined a band and toured across the country for 3 years. When I wasn’t touring, I recorded and mixed music for cruise ship entertainment, theme park shows, and musical acts that traveled around the world. After I got married, my wife and I decided it was best for me to travel less and start a family… so I got a job working with computers and currently I’m a Senior Creative Technologist at an Interactive Agency in Troy. I also play guitar at my church as well as in the Michael Maher Band with my nephews, niece and Dalton. I enjoy spending time with my family, going on vacation, playing sports, hiking and fishing. My wife, Marcy, and I reside in White Lake Michigan with our sons, Tyler and Todd, daughter Kristi, dog Coda and cats Coco and Cali

Brenton Fernandez



I was born in May of 1989 and I grew up in a very musical family. I have an identical twin brother named Brandon and we started playing the drums and running the sound system in church by age 11. My mom jokes around saying she had to get us both on instruments so she could make sure we were behaving in church. In college, my brother and I studied music theory, instrumental performance, and audio production. I give God all the glory for blessing our family with musical talent, serving Him is my greatest joy! Currently I play keyboard in the Michael Maher Band and I also just finished my first solo album called “Breakthrough”! It’s a lot of fun playing my favorite instrument with my family! God has blessed us with places to record and perform and I’m excited to see what He has in store for us in the future!

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